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Hail y'all,

It’s W from nopeet®. Wanted to tell you a bit about us. K, my partner in crime, is not here at this very moment. He had some unfinished business with tax officials that he needed to take care of… So I am gonna tell you the story from my point of view.

nopeet® - Da story

Everything started a few years ago when I was traveling around South Africa by myself (escaping the darkness of Finland). After a long day filled with beer and other things at the Llandudno beach in Cape Town, I decided to head to a local marketplace. That turned out to be a life-changing decision... At the marketplace I saw something so shiny and beautiful that it blinded my eyes and my mind for years to come. I had seen the ancestors of nopeet® shades.

Something that would serve as an inspiration for a brand that would one day conquer the whole world.

After getting back to cold and anxiously dark Finland I called K, my partner to come, immediately. I told him I had found something that could bring the light to the darkness. K fell in love with the souvenirs in a stroke.

For next couple of years, wherever we went, people kept asking questions about shades. Everybody wanted to know where to get them from. But, we couldn't find them anywhere. I had probably purchased the last two pairs that ever existed. It also felt that we were left in the shadow of our shades. We needed to do something. We needed to start to make sunglasses. From there on in things moved quickly.

In February 18 it's exactly two years since we founded nopeet®.
During those two years we have:
1. Sold one hell of a pile of nopeet® shades in oppressively dark and cold Finland
2. Bought a Lamborghini and turned it into an office/home on wheels (3 in 1.)
3. Designed the new #2025 model that we are gonna take the next step with and go interstellar.
Yours sincerely,

K & W

ps. K's the guy pouring the coffee in the pic. Me, W, I'm the other guy.